Wednesday, 21 August 2013

When do we become conscious?

Everybody knows about consciousness. It's what we are, it's our soul, it's beyond our physical body and even the brain. We are merely the medium for brain to function and perform its action. Brain is its own being. So we can say that our consciousness is our brain's brain. Consciousness is that little voice in your head in which you are reading this text. It's always there, talking to you, thinking for you and even telling you what to do in split seconds before falling or accidents. Consciousness is the sense of good or bad even when experiencing a thing or feeling for the first time.

In an actual experiment to find out when does consciousness kicks in a newborn baby's brain, a newborn baby was made to smell milk first and then acetone. In former case of milk, the blood flow in baby's brain increased, showing more activity in vortex of his brain, whereas when he was made to smell acetone, the foul smell of the chemical reduced the blood flow in his brain. This means the new born baby has a sense of good and bad even before he opened his eyes and saw anything around him, even his own mother!

No other animal has consciousness, and only consciousness makes us human. Make good use of it.

The bigger question is what entity injected consciousness in humans and why not in any other creature on earth.

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