Friday, 16 August 2013

Brain is a wonderful organ

This is just a personal description of one of the numerous wonderful aspects of brain. Its about love. The problem with reading and knowing too much about your brain is that , you know whats happening to you which is both good and bad. Good because if the event happening is harmful to you then you can probably try to do something to avoid the occurrence of that event. Bad because you can never live in peace and you are constantly thinking. I call it Brainception because the brain is constantly thinking what the brain is thinking or what it wants to think , and it goes on and on.
If the brain knows what it wants to know and what it wants to get, it will take over the small counter feeling in the back of your mind . Its very confusing because on one side you are aware of what you are going to think , and on the other hand you are also very aware of the small counter(opposite) feeling in the back of your mind . In some cases you want the counter feeling to take over and come forward but because brain is playing tricks on you , or I should say playing tricks on itself, it will keep both the feelings alive but will not let happen the thought you actually want to ‘think’.
So coming back to real thing, love. If i like someone, so I know alright there is this girl so my brain is obviously thinking about her and all. Back of the mind you know that you are not in love with her and you don’t even want to fall in love with her. But now when you have ‘stated’ it, your brain will start working on its counter that is YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH THAT GIRL. So the brain starts creating the illusion around you , makes you to think constantly about that someone and the big mistake we do is to perceive this illusion as the ‘truth’ and we end up believing that yes I am in love with her, when you are actually not.
I know its much of a too much and pain to analyse this love feeling inside our brain. I should not do it because I believe in going with the flow of the moment. But I believe it also gives me the power to win over this illusion and prevents me from going where I should not be going. 
Brain is a wonderful organ :)

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