Saturday, 17 August 2013

Original Memes & Jokes- Part 2

Earlier post on original memes had gone way too long so here is the second part for it.

Some Success Kid memes:

Yo hipster snake:

This is how you make a science joke even better, who says science nerds are not funny??:

How I feel one day without internet:

Because using % symbol while typing is too mainstream

Facebook faggots

 So got a call from Spicejet ke mausaji

Whenever I think about my ex: 

Special skills spotted on LinkedIn:

This guy was on fire!!

I trolled :

Just the first tweet and he likes to play twitter contests already:

We had a nice time together:

This is how media confuses us!

A meme on riding:

How I feel when she says " I like you only as a friend"

Steps to break up :

 Funny sms I got:

Coincidentally this ad was posted from Gurgaon, horrible people!

F1 trolled India:

On that note: 

I believe I can fly:

NatGeo you ass:

And the guy thought, shayad 4 din baad ladki pat jaye?:

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