Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Review: The Most Ridiculous Phone Call In The History Of Mankind

First watch the video to know what I am gonna talk about.

I don't understand why did he slam the receiver like that. The demand was being put across in a very polite manner where in our polite robber who first cared enough to call the Manager to confirm if he supplies money for necessities. 10 points to the polite robber for not disclosing his name and address when he was asked to tell the important thing. The polite robber was trying to explain the motive behind his demand ... it was necessity of money , why else will anyone ask for money ? When we were kid we used to ask money from our parents because we wanted to buy something, or to give treat to our friends etc.. we had a necessity!! When the polite robber realized that the manager is not prepared to give the money, he went even higher on the scale of human kindness by asking if the manager actually has the money or not. I mean who does that? To this the manager replies 'Bloody'. How rude is that. It's sad that the conversation didn't end on a happy note. If the manager had clearly told him that he doesn't have the money, I'm sure the polite robber would have called someone else, but this is no way to treat someone. I strongly condemn this video.

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