Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Sans Movie Watching Sense

So I went for a movie with my sister today .The interiors of the theater were beautiful. It was a huge hall , hence more people so obviously it meant more idiots inside the hall and hence more disturbance during the movie. I was just hoping no idiot should be sitting close to us to disturb.

Well the movie began ( The Conjuring) . People were laughing , hooting and making funny noises during the scary scenes. Needless to say it was getting on my nerves and I was getting frustrated that people pay 150rs. to come and shout throughout the movie and disturb others instead of enjoying the movie. To make it worse, 3 guys sitting to my right also started making noises, clapping , laughing and talking unnecessarily. I managed to ignore them for sometime but their disturbance was increasing. When I could not take it anymore I politely asked the guy on my right " Can you please not make the noises? its disturbing us". To my surprise, instead of understanding what I said, he replied " This is not the way to talk, first you ask everyone in the hall to keep quiet and then you tell us . We also came to enjoy". This came in his broken english and I asked him to keep his voice low but I realized that he is not worth talking to . Moreover, his friends started asking that if there is any trouble and they were getting into attack mode ( because friendship!) . So I decided to keep quiet after that.

Although their disturbance reduced after that, but it surprises me that people don't have the basic sense of keeping their phones on silent mode or to walkout to talk if there is an urgent call. But they choose to keep it in loud mode so that when they get a call, not just him, every one should hear the OM JAI JAI ringtone and after 40 seconds when he picks up the call, he doesn't even walk out and finishes his long conversation inside the hall. Why do such people even exist ? They make me hate people.

I am not saying don't laugh when there is a funny scene, but don't laugh when the whole hall is silently watching and enjoying the movie . If you can , please share this so that this message goes out to people who lack movie watching etiquettes.


  1. Felt the same way, watched the same movie in Inox !

    Useless freaks in theaters now.

    1. Rehan: I first watched the same movie in Inox. Faced the same problem