Thursday, 24 July 2014

6 types of people in our Facebook friend list

I have 600+ friends on Facebook. Facebook has evolved a lot since the time I joined it. During this 3-4 years I have observed several types of people on Facebook which has consistently remained the part of it and I think it will be there in future too. Here are some categories of types of people on Facebook!

  • The emotional sportsperson- Particularly related to the game of cricket in India. He will give ball by ball updated of an India Pakistan cricket match. He will give live updates of the match he is watching and he will make sure his emotions are completely visible by the number of exclamation marks he uses or the length of the 'arrrrrrrrrrrgh' when India loses a wicket.

  • The weather updater- You will never miss to know if its raining in a particular city because the weather updater will do his job. ‘Awsum Mossum’ type updates and he will also tell you whether he is having coffee or tea in these rains. ‘Loving the rains’ , ‘ having tea’ in monsoon rains are some of the updates you are likely to see from this type of person on Facebook.

  • The invisible watcher- You can assume this person has never logged in Facebook since long because you have not seen any update from them. But they prove you wrong. They always log in, like a few pictures or updates and they try not to leave a social footmark, like updating a status or uploading pictures. But they are always there and they are watching you.
                                                      (obviously no picture available) 
  • The Check-in King: You will always know where this person is because he will never forget to check-in and let the world know what he is up to. Whether linked through Foursquare/Swarm or Facebook’s own check-in, he will make sure to show off whenever he eat’s at that expensive restaurant or travels abroad by checking –in at the international airport in his city. 
  • The calligraphy master- He will never use the keyboard/default characters provided in his laptop or computer and he will always find alternate designer characters and symbols to type with.

          Another variety of them is that they type like their keyboard keys are really struggling to function properly:

  • The wanna-be close friend- These type of people(guys) will always be the first one to like/comment or to do both on the pictures uploaded by a beautiful girl who just showed pity on this guy by adding him as her friend. Comments by this guy are usually like ‘ awesome piccha dear’ , ‘akele akele?’ or ‘When did you come to my city? Ek bar mil lete’ etc.

Do comment and let me know if I have missed out any category!! 

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