Saturday, 17 May 2014

We can't change India until we change ourselves

Be it Modi, Kejriwal or any of the Gandhis, I will consider India heading towards a bright future only when I see the following happening:
·         People stop littering on roads and at other public places. When they start taking ownership of their responsibility towards the environment they live in.
·         People start driving and riding more sensibly on the road. Stop using mobile phones while driving if not thinking about their own lives but of their children who are sitting in the same car or motorcycle.
·         People at power in politics understand and realize that they have been elected to perform their duties of improving the basics of utilizing the tax money in the best way for the benefit of the people in the society and not playing the games of throwing the blame to their oppositions.
·         People stop treating women as if they are a species from another planet. Leave alone providing equal rights to women, the very thought of ‘providing equal rights to women’ is shameful in any society. We should not even think of any difference between men and women which leads to making efforts in ensuring equal opportunities to women.
·         Mothers stop worrying about their daughters travelling alone in public.
·         When men of India accept that their pathetic sex life leads to sexual crime and abuse of women and children.
·         When government of India passes more strict laws ensuring punishment to the culprits of sexual crimes against children or women.
·         When political parties’ campaign around intelligent thinking and education rather than spreading divide based on caste and religion.
·         When people stop judging each others’ caste from their surnames.
·         When people stop spending insane amount of money in the name of religion and spend it on the simple cause of education., example.. crores of money as donation to Tirupati or Siddhivinayak temples.
·         When the people of India become sensible enough to elect more scientists and engineers to power.
·         People stop killing in the name of religion and caste and then kill the evils of religion and caste itself.
·         Population àIlliteracyàUnemploymentàPoverty . Let’s work on the very basics first.

The control of the drivers which could bring major difference to our society lie in OUR hands. We must stop being on a mind set that it’s the job of government to bring the change. The day we start changing, we will learn of the power we have in our own hands.

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