Saturday, 14 March 2015

4 reasons why I hate those 'entertainment news' sites

No creativity
We all know that all they do is post links of videos and build a whole write up around it and publish it as an 'article'. I supose they call it entertainment news. As soon as TVF or AIB uploads a new video, their story about it is already up. Something interesting going on in Quora, a new post is up. If they really want to show some interesting and entertaining content, they can also show some common people doing interesting stuff in India or around the villages, for example the innovative minds in Indian villages and their scientific inventions, etc. GIF reactions? Sorry I forgot how to feel angry when someone rides rashly in traffic because I guess I am supposed to react with a gif animation of Ranbeer Kapoor feeling angry. I have a feeling they have one team working on extracting gif animations from movies and another one working on giving captions. 

Useless content
Sometimes they write such useless stuff that even if you end up reading it, you regret that you wasted time in reading it. See some of the examples below of what I am trying to say here:


No thanks it's not.

Who wants to read such stuff? No I really want to understand what is going in the minds of the writers of these posts? Do they think people are so dumb that they will appreciate such time wasting crap? Stuff like this takes the mind away from rational thinking and that is why I hate it. Can I see something like ’12 interview questions which are meant to trick you’ and their possible creative answers? No? Oh yes sorry because that will require some  grey cells to burn right?

Poorly researched work
I don't know if they are under work pressure or something, but sometimes they end up making silly mistakes in their articles because of not doing proper research. I have personally corrected some of statements and facts they made. Even if they are trying to give some good content they don’t seem to be very serious about it.

Objectifying women
Well not in all of them but especially in Mensxp I have observed some weird titled posts which demean women in minds of the young men. I don’t know if this particular writer is eternally horny for some reason but if on one hand we are struggling in our society for the women to get them the respect they deserve and not to be treated as sex objects, such posts do not help at all!

I am not completely against such ‘entertainment news’ sites but when it comes to content like these, I think we all should be aware enough to comment on it on how its wasting our time and expect some better content from them. Some of you will say if you don’t like their posts do not go on their websites. True, I have un-liked all their Facebook pages and I do not visit these websites. But these are my views on whatever I have observed so far and I see no harm in sharing my views with you all. 

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