Friday, 6 February 2015

A Tension!

Its human nature to feel desired, needed by friends, society, people. Its natural to feel the need for attention of others, because it makes us feel important and gives us some kind of undefined value to ourselves. What do people do to get this attention?

Some people just ask for it. They are very outspoken in demanding attention and do not miss any chance to make others feel that the world will not be a better place without them. Whether or not they actually are capable of doing a task, they will never stop bragging about how they could have done things in a better way than the others. Any charity they do, or if they helped someone, you will get to know about it without asking. You just cannot miss recognizing such a person around you.

Then there are people who after doing charity want to update it on Facebook/Twitter. Although they do not talk about it much but all they want is more likes. Actually Facebook/Twitter have taken the need of feeling important to a new level. I still do not understand the deep sub-conscious pleasure each Like on your pic brings or a retweet to your tweets on Twitter. Does it make us feel that we are better than others? In what way? Because we got more likes or retweets does it give an upper hand to us in social situations or professional? May be we have learnt to live with it without bothering for the answers.

At this point I would like to ask...myself. Selfie. Its very much evident that selfie is just an act or expression which demands attention of the world (once you upload it on a social networking site). Do you click selfies? Do you click selfies and look at it and admire yourself? Is it wrong to admire yourself? Apart from selfies, what are other ways to admire yourself? Can it be a smile you bring on someone's face? I do not know if its wrong or right. But should one send his/her selfies to others asking and expecting their good comments? How valid is that in feeling needed or to satisfy the hunger for attention? I do not know the answers. If you do please comment below!

The other kind of people which do not demand for any attention even when they actually complete important jobs or do some kind of charity or help others. They are okay if they do not get praised by others because it does not matter to them. They are okay if they do not get 100 likes or retweets and they just keep doing their job without bothering for others comments. Why are such people different from others? What else is satisfying their need for attention rather than someone praising them or liking their pictures/status? Again..if you think you know the answer do comment below!

I do not know in which category people like this belong to:

In this attempt to understand the need of attention by humans, may be I have raised more questions than trying to answer some. But I wanted to share it with you all to know your comments as well. Nothing more to write now..otherwise I will just raise more questions :)

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