Saturday, 6 December 2014

I am an Indian

Hello. I am an Indian. I am going to talk about myself a little here. I am a typical Indian and not a one of the rare exceptions which do not fall into any category. Yes I will fit into all your assumptions about Indians and trust me I won't disappoint you.

I favor the majority, because I am scared of something. Something inside me, which tells me that If I favor the minority, even If I know in my heart that its the truth and the right thing, people will make fun of me or I will be disowned from the society.

I always talk about how people should do the right thing and how they should follow the right path doing things which make the world a better place. This includes, no corruption, no littering, no eve-teasing etc. But yes, I just talk about it. Because when it come to my own self I am the biggest hypocrite you will meet. I will not think twice before offering 100rs. to the traffic cop because I jumped the red signal. I am in favor of the Swacch Bharat campaign and I even participated in it and cleaned the park in our society. But I will not teach the kids and people around to not to make the place dirty in the first place. I condemn rape and I think we should respect women. But when a girl wears a skirt in public I stare at her as if I have never seen some skin in my whole life.

Oh yes I am on twitter too. Because I like to keep it up with the time. Twitter because its an easy place to vent your anger and also to express your opinion. It gives me a safe hideout to escape the actual grounds where all the action is happening. Its a place for commentary and not action. So I like it here. I can criticize people, the system, our cricket team, specially Bollywood. Because I watch a movie which I know is going to be bad, just to crib about it later. And its easy to make fun of people here. Making fun of other is my fundamental right, it must be there somewhere in our constitution I am sure.

I will make my son either a doctor or an engineer. I don't care what he wants to become in his life or what his interest and passion is because they don't matter.When he grows up, its my duty to find him a suitable life partner within our caste. I should this at the earliest because then I can live my retired life in peace.

When I die , I want to go to heaven. To ensure this and to get rid of the sins I have done in this and in my previous life, I will spend money foolishly because I know it will help!

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  1. Brother. See, the perception of soceity is linked to the prevalent culture and when your own culture is shadowed by the so called "Viraats" then people are muffled and are known to follow the leaders blindly. Why? Because of the education we give to our kids. See the TV and every media that 24x7 shows only modi as if every issue is resolved,there are millions of issue that need debate but never ever any news media tried to debate. There are very few journalists that you can actually aspire to like.

    In the end it comes to science and culture,NE people are still called and beaten for their looks, Hindus think they owned the land and now Geeta as a national book,they forget the contribution of thousands of years of history shaped by plethora of cultures. People are slowly prepared to hate so much that I feel scared of even saying aloud that I love secularism and I love Nehru as much as I love veer savarkar. I am afraid to kiss a Muslim GF and even to make one, and I am scared to get married to a higher caste girl because people may kill me for that.

    Its so deadly but yet we jump on our leaders who are the main reason of today's society.