Thursday, 27 February 2014

Review: Blaupunkt Comfort CN-112 Noise Cancellation Headphones

I ordered the Blaupunkt Noise Cancellation Comfort CN-112 headphones from ebay. The MRP is Rs. 9411 and you can purchase them on EMI basis also from ebay. I ordered the headphones on 21/02/2014 and on 22nd February I called the seller to check the status of my order. He assured me that it's already packed and I will be getting my headphones on 24/02/2014. I was pleasantly surprised by this quick response from the seller. 

So I got the headphones on 24/02/2014 as promised by the seller. The cardboard/duct-tape packaging was good and I was satisfied with the packaging. The box was a little bigger than expected. The box contains the a hard case - for carrying the headphones tucked nicely inside the slots which prevents shake, also to store the 3.5mm connecting cable, in-flight adapter, 2 AAA size batteries, and a 3.5mm to 6.3mm jack pin. Apart from the headphones, rest of the items are nicely stored in a small zipper pouch inside the hard case. There are operating instruction manuals in 3 different languages.

The headphones look very much like the ones professionals like DJ use. These are on ear headphones and the ear cups fit very softly on your ears and head without applying too much pressure. This is important because if you plan to use the headphones for a longer duration it can cause pain around ears.  It has very soft foam on the ear cups for comfort and the cups can fold flat if needed. The cord is detachable making it even easier to pack into its neat case. The controls for the headphones are located on the left ear cup. The controls are Noise Cancellation toggle switch, Active Noise Cancellation dial and the 3.5mm pin slot. The right ear cup houses the battery slots. The battery power is used only when you switch on the Noise Cancellation. So you can use the headphones even without using the battery power. 

Coming to the performance part, if I have to say it in one line, I will say that these headphones are not extremely loud when you use your iPod or mobile phone as the input. But after using the headphones for about 30 minutes I realized that the sound level is just right for longer usage. The bass is really good and heavy and the vocals come out really clear. I was listening to some trance music and the 3D surround sound enhances the listening experience. 
Switch on the noise cancellation and you notice the difference. The sound gets so much better and clear with the noise getting cancelled. You can control the amount of noise you want to cancel by adjusting the ANC dial. I felt the sound becomes more 'open' when you switch on the noise cancellation. The cancellation is good and I could not hear the person talking who was sitting right next to me. I could hear him a little when I asked him to shout. I haven't tested these headphones in a noise environment like train etc. as yet.

As I said, you can use the headphones without using the noise cancellation feature(batteries) and you can use the noise cancellation feature without plugging it to a source of music and it works pretty well. You might want to use later feature when you want to get some sleep in the flight or train without listening to music.

Overall I am very much happy with the sound quality of the headphones and at this price point it's a great deal.

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