Wednesday, 18 December 2013

A little help hurt nobody

This post is simply about the fact that today morning I helped a blind man cross the road.

This is nothing to boast about. I have friends who have done the same thing and I really appreciate it because  giving a moment of your time to a stranger who is in need of help is a kind gesture, more so because that stranger is helpless because he is blind. Nor that I want to get any attention , I just feel like writing about it. Very close to my office I took the left turn and saw that blind man standing, I had seen him a few times earlier being helped by someone to go the other side of the road. Today as I was taking the turn and looking in the rear view mirror,  I saw a boy going towards the blind man and I thought he will help him cross the road. But he didn't. I thought what kind of people we have that poor blind man is standing all quiet there and no one is helping him. It didn't take more than a second for me to think that instead of blaming it on people, why can't I go and help him. I stopped my bike , and helped the man cross the road. I feel good about it.

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