Sunday, 8 September 2013

Benefits of wearing a helmet

Wondering why should you wear a helmet? Well why not ! it has so many benefits :

  • Saves your head from injuries against impact on road
  • Saves your eyes from dust
  • Saves your eyes from rains (if raining.. of course duh!)
  • Saves your hair from bird poop 
  • Helmet makes you look cool, if you are ugly you should definitely wear a helmet
  • Saves your money . Yes. If riding without a helmet you meet with an accident , you will spend more in getting the X-ray and MRI scan done , instead spend that money in buying a good helmet.
  • Decreases the likelihood of death
  • Protects you from wind noise
  • Protects you from insects and bugs while riding (unless you like to chew them)
  • Protects you from heat and sun rays
  • If you are bald and you wear a wig, helmet keeps your wig intact.


  1. Hey Rahul.

    What you have written above is really true. I also feel one must always wear helmets while riding sadly most of them wear only to evade cops.

    Any way will come to my point.

    I want to buy a good helmet but my budget does not alow me to exceed 2300Rs. I want to buy LS2 helmets but its expensive for me around 4300Rs. Finally I have zeroed in on Vega Axor. Its DOT and ISI certified. I want to ask you that is it ok to have a good helmet with ISI & DOT certification( full face) or we should go for these better expensive imports like LS2. Pls share u r thoughts.

    1. Hi Mithun, thanks for caring to comment here on this unknown blog!

      Now I have been using an LS2 for last 2.5 years (and an HJC) and can personally vouch for its quality. When I bought it the price was 2500rs.! However yes they are priced around 3800rs. (in Chennai). If this suits your budget I strongly recommend to buy an LS2 and you wont regret this decision. It actually syncs with one of the points above that spend a little more in buying a good helmet and you can rely on its safety.